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For some reason, Windows sometimes forgets/resets which monitor to use for PowerPoint (because the stage display set up means there are 3 monitors), and it also forgets which sound device to use for playback (choosing the HDMI matrix or a monitor) :/ (depending on the order of powering on the system and HDMI matrix etc.) Disabling the sound device is not enough

  1. Force PowerPoint presentation to projector monitor

Set up (Run as admin)

Install-Module -Name AudioDeviceCmdlets

Figure what your device ID should be

Get-AudioDevice -List | Where-Object {$_.Type -eq 'Playback'}

And then create a job in Task Scheduler


$defaultAudioDevice = Get-AudioDevice -Playback | Select -ExpandProperty "ID"
if ($defaultAudioDevice -ne "{}.{e863185e-3b61-4bf8-ac5b-41ff79dec1b8}") {
	Set-AudioDevice -ID "{}.{e863185e-3b61-4bf8-ac5b-41ff79dec1b8}"
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