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Applying for tech donations

As a legally-registered non-profit organization (NFP), your church has access to generously donated software and services.

Please note that not all companies will include religious organizations in their donation programs, so always check their T&C's first when applying.

What you'll need beforehand..

Have the following information ready. I have the relevant webpages bookmarked for my own church, as handy. You can also print as PDF to upload as proof documents if needed.


ConnectingUp is a provider which gives you access to the donations and discounts of various companies registered on the platform.

Apply through here: (Australia) ConnectingUp

Once you've been approved as a NFP on ConnectingUp, you can then apply for donated services such as

  • Google Suite (Gmail, etc) Google Workspace for Nonprofits - Use Gmail on your domain, and 30GB per account etc
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) Donation (x10 licenses i.e. accounts include Desktop Apps like PowerPoint, 1TB OneDrive storage)
  • Zoom - note: you must first pay an additional 'admin fee' to access their NFP discount.


  • Gives you full access to Canva Pro for Teams. Can add regular Canva users to the Team to give them access to Pro (including stock graphics AND videos!🔥)
  • Seems to allow applying multiple times, so can have multiple 'Teams' - tbh this seems simpler than sharing ONE 'Team' and having to manage all the assets and saved docs which gets messy.
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