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External events

The 'Scouts' motto is 'Be prepared'. Same applies to AV!! The best you can do is try be as prepared as possible, as external & special events (kids holiday programs, conferences, youth evangelistic events) can be challenging and stressful.

BYO Sound Mixer to patch in

You are going to want to bring your own sound mixer.

  1. Especially for external events, you never know what the venue will throw at you. Use what you know.
  2. Can record (at least) the talk to WAV for conferences.
  3. A Wi-Fi enabled sound mixer is almost a MUST… (e.g. to control with iPad) Stop shouting back-and-forth across the hall during sound check! Unless your event needs are low-fi enough.


Create a cable count list

and add extra. For some reason people forget their cables. (But don't be excessive)

Have some trays to organise AV table desk

Bring more laptops. Honestly, having laptops fail is nothing new :(

Organising tips


  • Excel –> Word template (TODO my template upload here)
  • Lanyards

Graphics & collateral

  • Get the source design material for the booklet to make your slide graphics
  • TODO: shared Canva team


Transport to venue: Usually fits in bands' cars. Approx 3+. Transport from venue: If someone leaves early, grab help from extra drivers

Video cables (...are the worst...😔)

Flickering projectors due to bad HDMI connectors or weak signals do happen.

  • HDMI signal booster/HDMI decimator??
  • Bring VGA adaptors as fallback

Spotify playlists

  • bgm music - it may or may not be appropriate to run bgm
  • game music


Pro move is to use a travel router

  • which can connect to the venue wifi as a client (or 4G)
  • and can host basic file sharing
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