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“Digital resourcing and tools for the enablement and empowerment of gospel work, for the modern day church.”

Why do we what we do? It's for serving God in His Kingdom-building work!


  1. The trellis work is to support the vine work
    Which means not loosing perspective on what really matters - ministry is about serving God and his people. Our efforts (blood, sweat and tears) in the digital space is to support this work.
  2. Relational ministry happens in the trenches.
    So think of ways to apply Christian ministry principles in your teams / as you work alongside other people.
    e.g. establishing and leading a website team, AV team, production video team, marketing team, etc.
  3. Learn, up-skill, and improve!
    The reality is that for most average-sized churches, it's likely just going to be yourself to really kick things off - at least for the really nitty-gritty hardcore technical stuff. But what you can do is simplify as much as you can of the system, and then bring other people along to form a team. And there's us techies across the wider church network for the technical stuff :)
  4. Get help when you can
    Burnout is bad. And just because other churches can do it doesn't mean you have to do it.
  5. Keep it simple, as possible.
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